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Hi everybody! Well for starters I just want to say I am not the best writer in the world, I definately prefer pictures as a way of communicating! So you all will forgive me my poor English. Enjoy the journey and may the pictures do the talking! I just return from a 5 week trip to our nabouring country, Namibia. It has been a desire of mine for a while, so finally me and 2 friends from Bloemfontein hit the road in the middle of May. We drove just over 9000 km. It was pretty awesome and much an extention for me of the Kalahari dessert were I grow up.

174-114a“Sunrise in a Quiver tree wood near Keetmanshoop”


“Big, bigger, best!”

Of course I am a complete sucker when it comes to cattle. That is one thing about me, I cannot pass cattle anywhere without getting very excited. It has been a long time I have been searching for Nguni type cattle in a “René style”. Well most unexpected I found it this time around and of course the huge horns were a bonus.  You all have to wait for the painting to see what I have went for…this one is just a taste!

175-657a“Gentle Worship -Ruacana”

Ruacana waterfall was an awesome experience, I did some studies there but the one morning I did not feel like painting and ended up just sitting down and enjoying. Listening to the water  I just worshipped and giving praise to our Creator singing…His voice is like the voice of many waters…In theafternoon I did this study and it seem to capture the mood of that intimate day.


“Painting at Epupa Falls on the Angola border”

I was completely overwhelmed with this place, it took me two days just to observe and taking it all in before putting paint to canvas. This is just one of the 4 main falls. Although it is way to much information I just made very basic color studies. I had to get up way before suset each day to be on site when the sun hit. After that it left me with only about an hour of light before getting harsh and very hot. I then had to wait the whole day for the softer afternoon light. I still ended up being there for 6 days, studying the different falls in all angles and light. I also knew I had to do it properly, cause coming back will not be that simple. Only time will tell the awesome artworks that will come from this place.

178-487a“The Damara people of Namibia”

This was the most suprising aspect of Namibia was it’s people. They is so much harmony and peace in this country. A heartwarming openness and trust towards us. Almost everybody speaks Afrikaans and they are very generous. This country was such a good example for me how people should function among each other. Indeed we can learn a lot from them!

182-075aOn the top of Dune 7, the tallest in the Walvisbay area

182-087aThe love of my life-laying in the sand. Growing upo in the Kalahari there is nothing that beats this!

dsc_1234a“Painting at Spitzkoppe”

Most people are fimilar with Spitzkoppe from the front. I was rather more fascinated by this angle, always lpooking for something new and fresh. I painted it al types of light, sunset being cloudy, the middle of the day on a foggy day and this one sunset with some bright light. It really goes seriously orange!

180-488a“Sunset at Spitzkoppe”

And of course no trip is a trip without a proper sunset with some color splashed all over the place! One just sits down and enjoy the sky being painted and changed by The Artist of all artists.

183-086a“Sunrise at Sossusvlei”

Famous for of some of the highest dunes in the world. What a spectacular sunrise with some gentle clouds in the sky. Glorious golden light…. soos wat on in Afrikaans sal sê  ‘So reg in my kraal!’


The Namib dessert is unique in how it keeps it animals alive. The dew of the previous night hangs on the leaves of these grasses and that is the main sorce of water for those living there specially in the dry season.

177-038Bye for now, till next time!

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